ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management System

Why ISO 9001?
ISO 9001 provides a framework for monitoring and measuring process performance and operations ensuring increased efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.
ISO 9001 Certification is not just suitable for large organizations but also small businesses that will benefit from adopting efficient Quality Management System that will save time and cost, improve efficiency and improve customer relationships. ​

Benefits of ISO 9001 certification to your organization

  • Improved performance of affected processes

  • Provides senior management with an efficient management process

  • Demonstrated compliance with customer, regulatory and/or other requirements

  • Sets out areas of responsibility across the organization

  • In some countries mandatory if you want to tender for some public sector work

  • Communicates a positive message to staff and customers

  • Identifies and encourages more efficient and time saving processes

  • Reduced operating costs related to waste, rework and non-value added activities

  • Provides continual assessment and improvement

  • Increased market share as a certified organization

  • Maintaining satisfied customers and gaining potential customers

  • Puts forward true value through enhancement of marketing opportunities

Benefits of ISO 9001 certification to your customers

  • Improved quality and service

  • Quality assurance

  • On time delivery

  • Right first time approach

  • Fewer returned products and complaints

  • Independent audit demonstrates commitment to quality


Our team of qualified professionals offer a transparent and accountable audit via a thorough decision making process; our top priority is to continually improve your Organization Quality, Environmental, Safety and Health management system. 

  • Management System Audit

  • Risk Management (MOM) Audit

  • Internal Audit

  • Internal Auditor Training

  • OT Exemption Audit

  • ConSASS Audits

  • bizSAFE Award Audit

  • Gap Assessments and WSH Inspection


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