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Cybersecurity and Personal Data Protection are essential to safeguarding your organization against data breaches and common threats. Certification schemes are available in recognition of organisation demonstrating best practices in cyber security and personal data protection regime.

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As businesses harnesses technology to advance their businesses, enhance digital safety becomes a key priority. Many of the issues affecting this cyber world are due in part to its rapid growth in both applications and users. The digital economy is now entirely dependent on the Internet. While organisations and individuals are increasingly connected in the business marketplace and day to day our connections have also became more complex. Experiencing a data breach affects not just a security department but in fact the entire organization including its employees and stakeholders. Data protection and privacy management plays a pivotal role in key business operations, functional development as well as finances related losses, because data breaches affect various aspects of an organization’s life cycle.

While cyber risks are becoming more apparent, it is important for organisation to take precautionary measures in protecting data, preventing data breaches so as to avoid unnecessary damages to company reputation, and to meet regulatory requirements. Cybersecurity is part of information security that relates to the protection of critical systems and sensitive information in our computers, networks, programs and data against unauthorized access. While Cybersecurity covers safety against digital attacks, data protection covers a set of issues related to data storage, management and access.


IMDA launched the Data Protection Trustmark adapted from the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), international benchmarks and best practices, the DPTM certification framework requires organisations to demonstrate accountability in ensuring your personal data is used appropriately with proper protection and disposal measures. ISOCert was selected among the initial 3 Assessment Body to provide DPTM assessments.


The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) recently launched the CSA Cybersecurity Certification program to provide a cybersecurity risk management approach for enterprises. The certification takes on a tiered approach to address differing business profiles and needs:

- The Cyber Essentials mark takes on a baseline control approach, and is intended to protect enterprises against the most common cyber attacks; and

- The Cyber Trust mark takes on a risk-based approach and is intended to enable enterprises to put in place the relevant cybersecurity preparedness measures that commensurate with their cybersecurity risk profile. ISOCert is honoured to be selected as one of the certification body for this program.

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Data Protection Trustmark

DPTM certification scheme is launched by IMDA to help organisations, including SMEs, build consumer confidence in their data protection policies and practices, thus enhancing business competitiveness. 


Cross Border Privacy Rules  System

APEC CBPR System was developed by APEC economies to build consumer, business and regulator trust in cross border flows of personal data.


APEC Privacy Recognition for Processors

APEC Privacy Recognition for Processors (PRP) System was designed for organisations (data processors) who process data on behalf of client organisations (data controllers), to demonstrate their ability in providing effective implementation of a controller’s privacy requirements.


SG Cyber Trust & Cyber Essentials Marks

The Cyber Trust Mark is launched by CSA with the purpose to serve as a mark of excellence for enterprises with leading cybersecurity practices, whilst the Cyber Essentials Mark is a mark of cyber hygiene for enterprises that have put in place basic cybersecurity measures.


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